Sunday, January 03, 2010

Monstrum after Prometheus

Where were you when the blacksmith struck?
Smuggling across the Great Smokies,
or the Sudan, with the cows so sad and dry.
Well, everyone took your story for their own,
Nestle, and Kennedy, and choristers
from Coptic novels:
The Titan asked the God for favor,
and was punished for defiance.

That we were shackled, not by our actions,
but by our enzymatic presence:
I shoveled the snow, my neighbor held
the screen door open, fed my dog,
and I watched the kids –
that was the twist. Living in the same building,
we pulled each other into a gut-wrenching future.

We know you lied, having now the tools to tell.
With the quantum well lasers in our toys,
And the world wide walkie-talkie in our hands,
The end repeats again:
Tail feathers light on the gargantuan sea.

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