Sunday, June 05, 2016

Unfinished Meditation on Standard Physics

Some particles simply will not walk back, timeward.
B meson decay is misbehaving in France, 
K mesons at Caltech routinely violate charge symmetry
or parity symmetry, like tiny unruly telenomic machines.

I drove my great horsepower engine 
over Robert Moses Causeway,
crossing the slender bays to meet the shore, 
the bridges rise and roll in a particular pulse, 
a stubbed toe throb of wave over wave. 

Here, I slap at the sand in my shorts and sandals, 
under the crash and roar of the gigantic ocean
and the heated beating of sourceless coconut oil.
Now, I solve for shut eye solitude,
grinning with gull screech and tinny radio.

I suppose gravitational waves pulse this whole globe;
suppose, too, the solution to a math calculation 
depends on when and where that happens,
minutely, less than minutely:
Somewhere a wave breaks in zero time.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Planting Moon

I am walking a small dog who seems eager to go, hell, anywhere.
It's an April evening and windy, 
the dog spooks at what ever sound the world has:
leaves flitting across the road, 
hollow growls from far backyards,
two boys dueling with whiffle bats.

Up against the nearly full moon, six birds are playing circles.
I want to call them hawks, 
squinting, believe they could be eagles, 
then wonder if they are turkey vultures.

Night is taking the berry red stems, lemon colored buds,
one red wing blackbird predicting the next
a hundred meters away.
These are the lyric and chorus 
in a rolling landscape song of the Taconic Hills.