Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim Jong Il's Body

Kim Jong Il's body is corrupt and
following his spirit into corruption

Kim Jong Il's body is similar to
tens of thousands of other bodies
silent in the last days of autumn

Kim Jong Il's body can no longer
take nourishment as millions
of his neighbors
can no longer sustain their own lives

Kim Jong Il's body witlessly
stills to freezing like the Yalu
like the Chosin like the tractor
factory faces like the cabbage
in the can in the alley in the sooty air

Kim Jong Il's body cannot thank you
tries to bow but does not
wants to hold back each page of each book
but will not
wants to collect the last won from every
grandfather grandmother shoeless ghost

Kim Jong Il's body is smashed
in the bill of the oystercatcher


curmudgeon said...

you. rock.

curmudgeon said...
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