Sunday, June 05, 2016

Unfinished Meditation on Standard Physics

Some particles simply will not walk back, timeward.
B meson decay is misbehaving in France, 
K mesons at Caltech routinely violate charge symmetry
or parity symmetry, like tiny unruly telenomic machines.

I drove my great horsepower engine 
over Robert Moses Causeway,
crossing the slender bays to meet the shore, 
the bridges rise and roll in a particular pulse, 
a stubbed toe throb of wave over wave. 

Here, I slap at the sand in my shorts and sandals, 
under the crash and roar of the gigantic ocean
and the heated beating of sourceless coconut oil.
Now, I solve for shut eye solitude,
grinning with gull screech and tinny radio.

I suppose gravitational waves pulse this whole globe;
suppose, too, the solution to a math calculation 
depends on when and where that happens,
minutely, less than minutely:
Somewhere a wave breaks in zero time.

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